Widget rules

Widget rules

Widget rules is a mechanism which introduces a completely new way to manage widgets on a website. Thanks to it, it is possible to specify widget features such as:

  • displaying on subpages chosen,
  • displaying on devices chosen,
  • displaying for a group of users chosen,
  • displaying with a widget style use chosen.

After switching on widget rules in theme’s advanced settings, under each widget, the following options should be displayed:


The most extensive options are those connected with a widget visibility on subpages chosen – after choosing an option to show a widget on pages chosen (or an option not showing a widget on pages chosen), such a panel will appear:

Then, you have to choose a page’s type to add, e.g. Category, and then give category ID:


After clicking “Add page” button, a page will appear on a list of pages chosen on which in our case a widget will be displayed:


Of course, it is possible to add more pages:


To make it clearer, , each page’s type is displayed with a different color. A page added can be removed by clicking a removing icon placed on the right side of each page.

In this way, you may set a widget so as to be shown on pages chosen or to be shown on all pages except the chosen ones.

Generally, widgets are shown on all pages.

An option of displaying a widget on devices chosen has five options to choose:

  • All devices – a widget will be displayed everytwhere – on every device
  • Desktop – a widget will be displayed only when neither a tablet.css file nor a mobile.css is loaded
  • Tablets – a widget displays only when a tablet.css file will be loaded and, at the same time, a mobile.css file will not be loaded
  • Smartphones – a widget will be displayed only when a mobile.css file will be loaded
  • Tablets/Smartphones – a widget will be displayed when at least one file will be loaded: tablet.css or mobile.css.

Thanks to these settings, it is possible to limit significantly the amount of content displayed on devices with small screens.

An option of displaying widget for a chosen groups of users has four options to choose:

  • All users – a widget will be displayed to all users
  • Only guests – a widget will be displayed to not logged in users
  • Only registered users – a widget will be displayed to logged in users only
  • Only administrator – a widget will be displayed to administrators only

Thanks to this option, it is possible e.g. to display messages specified by using widgets for a group of users chosen.

The last optio from widget rules is an option for choosing a widget style – it causes appending to a widget main container an additional class giving styling specified by a user.

Widget styles are defined in widget.styles.json file and in CSS code – in this case in css/wp.extensions.css.