Work Packages

WP1: Preparations

The first work package of this project starts with some preliminary tasks and its main aim is to perform a comprehensive baseline research in partner HEIs in Western Balkan countries. This in-depth research will use data obtained from desk research, online survey and interviews and will assess the availability of systems developed to support the assessment, evidencing and validation of learning outcomes. In addition, baseline research will explore the availability of standardized certification tools (such as EQF, ECTS, etc.) and similar blended learning technologies for the recognition and validation of Service-Related Competences in partner countries.

WP Leader: University of Duisburg Essen


    1. 1.1 Research Framework

1.2 Online and offline questionnaires

1.3 Needs Analysis

1.4 e-VIVA survey

WP2: Development

WP2 is the core work package of the project with introduce social, personal and organizational service-related competences into the educational curricula and learning settings. This WP aims at contextualizing social, personal and organizational sub-competences such as ‘communication’, ‘teamwork’, ‘networking’, ‘customer orientation’, ‘project management’, ‘autonomy’, ‘critical thinking’, etc. Next step will be to transfer these topics into competences using a reference system based on a 3-dimensional approach which describes the competences on the knowledge, skills and attitude (value oriented) dimension and also establishes interfaces to the EQR.

WP Leader: Blinc eG


    1. 2.1. Manual and descriptive pattern of the learning project/activity

2.2. Inventory of sub-competences

2.3. Reference System

2.4. Didactic frame

2.5. Competence Framework

2.6. Learning Objects and Modules

2.7. Catalogue of suitable assessment systems

2.8. Evidencing and documentation

WP3: Development

Knowledge transfer and capacity building of the academic staff is the main content of WP3.  Main aim of this WP is to build capacity of the academic staff from HE partner through a series of trainings and capacity building activities. Trainings for social, personal and organisational competences will focus in several elements such as: competence-based learning, competence validation, nature, structure and organisation of the envisaged learning activities, etc.

WP Leader: Universidade NOVA de Lisboa


    1. 3.1. Staff training packs

3.2. Staff training and counselling

3.3. Implementation report

WP4: Development

The aim of this work package is to apply and pilot the approaches developed in the previous WPs. Approximately 300 students will acquire a set of defined key competences that will be enhanced and validated. Almost 100 students from partner countries will have the opportunity to conduct study visits (2 weeks) in programme countries’ institutions and be part of international learning settings dedicated to competence developments. In addition, 300 licences are available for HEIs in Partner Countries will all interested students to validate their competences at home universities.


WP Leader: dieBerater


    1. 4.1. Learning agreements

4.2. Learning phase/Trainership

4.3. Interim Evaluation

4.4. Assessments

4.5. Rating of the learners

4.6. Certification

4.7. Experience reports

WP5: Quality Plan

The aim of this WP is to ensure a high quality of deliverables of the project and to ascertain the quality of the process and the commitment to develop a sound framework for devising, implementing, and reporting internal and external evaluation activities.

WP Leader: dieBerater


    1. 5.1. Evaluation Plan

5.2. Interim and final evaluation reports

5.3. External evaluation reports

WP6: Dissemination & Exploitation

This WP aims at gathering key stakeholders around e-VIVA agenda and ensure that all project outputs and results are transferred beyond the partnership as well as disseminated and used in the most productive way, following the European regulation on communication and visibility.

WP Leader: European University of Tirana


    1. 6.1. Development of project visual identity and project promotional instruments

6.2. Dissemination Strategy

6.3. Conference or Journal papers submission

6.4. National Info day

6.5. Transnational dissemination conference

6.6. Interim and final report on dissemination and exploitation

WP7: Management

This WP, leaded by the European University of Tirana, will ensure a smooth and efficient management and implementation of the project.

WP Leader: European University of Tirana


    1. 7.1. Steering Committee and Advisory Board

7.2. Progress and final project report