Staff training at SSST

At the University SSST, a staff training and dissemination activity under the Erasmus+ CBHE project eVIVA was held. The training was organized to share the information on project activities and inspire SSST staff to use its benefits in the everyday teaching with their students. Colleagues were given a general introduction to what the purpose of the eVIVA project is and were shown didactic framework and learning pathway documents in order to bring them closer to the use within the subjects they teach. At the end of the training, there was a demonstration of the tools used for the purpose of project implementation. Those include Mahara, an e-portfolio, weblog, résumé builder and social networking system, which is aimed to connect the project participants and create eVIVA online learner communities, and Moodle, a learning platform which enables educators to create a private learning space online including various course activities and material. As both are planned to provide the participants with the tools to successfully conduct the project, serving as platforms for demonstrating their learning, skills and development on the service-related competences over the course of the project